This poem is dedicated to Eric & Megan Tomkulak.
May The Lord be glorified in your marriage and the gospel clearly exemplified.

The Ceremony

The entrance to the sanctuary is concealed
The ancient gates have been kept shut ever since that day
When the First Parents to Ancient Serpent yield
To suggestion of derailment from The King’s way
An act of high treason demanding capital punishment
For that reason, their offspring suffer banishment
Now, the sin of that first dead father has adopted the orphans
Orphans’ own filthy attempts to pay the ransom has proven vain
For their hearts and their acts continually shows their blame
So the King will not delight in any of their offerings

The sanctuary’s gates have been opened
And the assembly abandon their sitting comfort
In reverence for the revealing of the beloved chosen
These gates have been kept shut ever since the sentence
Guarded by the cherubim yielding a flaming sword at the entrance
The access to the sanctuary has only been granted to a certain body
And only they will witness this long-planned ceremony

By the altar stands a Prince who is also the bridegroom
His entrance through the gates was one of the most glorious
For that returning heir had in battle been victorious
Thus it was the coronation day in the throne room
“Lift up your heads, O ye gates; and be ye lift up, ye everlasting doors
and the King of glory shall come in.”
It was then that all authority was given to the waiting husband
And since then he had been preparing for this moment
Though the long wait seemed to have been a lament
He will finally hold her promised hand

The cherubim stands aside and lowers his flaming weapon
The ancient seal has been broken and the gate has been opened
And slowly, one dressed in a radiant white dress steps-in
As the heavenly choir begins their melodious hymns
“You are worthy to take the scroll and to open its seals
On the battlefield, you shed your blood and took away her sins
Now see your bride who follows you through that ancient gate
You built for her a dwelling place in which she will eternally celebrate”

The orphan has finally seen His face
She will no longer be called unknown for she has received His name
She will no longer dwell on the streets, but at their place
This will be the start of a lasting chapter
In which they will truly live happily ever after

Only those present could behold the ceremony
Thought many were invited to participate
Only some witnessed this matrimony
And those who refused the call will never enter through the gates




The Bride

An Orphan
Who is this person who was subjected to much mysteries?
We have seen glances at her appearances throughout history
Her tales mangled in war, hatred, depravity, and misery
An orphan created out of the greatest act of adultery
Her natural parents had transgressed against The Eternal King
And the consequence of such transgression bore an eternal sting
She suffered from that sting to the point of death
Walking, talking, thinking, breathing, but dead
Her only hope was to find a kinsman redeemer to wed
And fortunately for her, there lived a seed from Seth

She knew that adoption was near
It was a matter of time for it to appear
But hope slowly failed and her fate became clear
She gave in to depression and fear
She forsook her faith and returned to her fate

The orphan subjected herself to much depravity
In a world without parents, she fell into moral calamity
For her natural treats had set her in enmity
Against the King of kings, The Lord of glory
She was in this world a wanderer and an adulteress
In the marketplace, the temple and in the street she would undress
Everyone knew her, for public was her address
Abandoned to her fate, she faded into further darkness
A forsaken person, her name was proverb for folly
Many were her iniquities and hopeless was her destiny
She was not sound, she loved this cacophony
For many time she was found but ran into further felony

The Groom

A kinsman redeemer
But The King is good, merciful and gracious
He forgives iniquity, transgression, and sin
But knows the heart of man, that no one is blameless
So to pay the price for her sin, he himself became her kin
In that, he gave to the world a great house
A line of kings that will eventually produce Seth’s seed
This prince will be dressed in the orphan’s dirty blouse
Representing the fullness of her evil deed
And since the price of transgression is assured death
This cursed blouse will guarantee his last breath

And all hope is gone, the orphan is left to her fate
The kinsman redeemer has touched the grave
She will not wear a radiant dress and pass through the gate
To her lust and idolatry, she will stay a slave

But The King is good and faithful, His will shall prevail
And will not be thwarted by any evil unveiled
The plan was for the prince to touch the grave
The plan was for the orphan to be set free from her lustful crave
Twas decreed by the King that the Prince was to be stricken, smitten and afflicted
In that, he will bear her guilt, shame and be convicted
And in his death, she shall find redemption
For the long-awaited redeemer couldn’t taste damnation
So after three days under the grave, she beheld his resurrection
It was then that it happened, the King’s plan was finally revealed
For upon his resurrection, the Prince appeared to his redeemed
He promised her a marriage and left her sealed
The resurrected Prince had secured His bride and was now to return
Back to His former glory and ascend to His earned throne

La Fin…