Anyone could tread on the King’s court as he pleased,
there was no royal carpet to roll on the floor.
As One entered some bowed to their knees,
but we thought Him a jester by the clothes He wore,
less taste than us and ignorant in speech.
He carried on ahead with eyes straight before,
ascending the pavement we all held our peace.
He was exalted and we all got to our knees,
comprehending then the throne was His all the more
from the scars that He bore while we were at ease.
In form like a Lamb as a Lion He roared,
“From Me this day issue both peace and war.
Be for Me or against Me in word, thought, and deed.
To the faint and yet faithful My wounds heal Thy sore.
To the ungodly, unmanly receive the sword that proceeds
from My mouth and bowls of wrath and more!”