My heart is full,
Of things that I have pondered and have seen.
I am of dust.
And am not worthy for this task.
Yet God has chosen,
This frame of clay,
To bear the One who made the world.

I was young.
Betrothed unto a man, like most my age,
I was secure.
My life was an undeviating road,
That never changed.
That I could see,
Unchanging till I breathed my last.

But all was transformed,
The day a brilliant being appeared.
I could not move.
I thought at once, that I had greatly sinned,
And he was come,
From heaven sent,
To put a sudden end unto my life. 

He sensed my fear.
He reassured, and repeated a message.
From God above.
A message I could scarcely comprehend.
A wonder.
A miracle.
I was like one stunned by a tremendous blow.

I was chosen.
I was called the favoured one of the Lord.
Blessed and beloved.
Set apart for a wonderful task.
That filled me with rapture,
Yet trepidation.
That I was to bear the Son of God.

I could not breathe.
A sensation of joy overwhelmed me.
There was no doubt.
A babe was growing in my womb.
I a virgin,
Was now with child.
It was a truth too great for me to grasp.

But I felt peace.
And I envisioned the weeks ahead,
As being full,
Of such happiness as none could remove.
While I awaited,
The coming,
Of the the Lord’s messiah, as my son.

It was short lived.
I was discovered as being with child.
And all had known,
That I was a maiden without a husband.
How could this be,
Unless I had been,
A woman of vile and shameful conduct.

My betrothed Joseph,
In great mercy and kindness to myself,
To send me away in the dead of night,
And thus spare,
My tarnished life,
So I would not die a horrible death.

But our Lord God,
Revealed to him in a vision,
The story,
Of my conception, from the Holy Spirit.
And he was told,
To take me as wife,
Without fear; for the great working of His plan. 

That I should carry,
The Messiah; the One who had created me,
Was more,
Than I could fathom or assimilate.
Though I lived
A thousand years,
I could never understand the reason.

This is the mystery.
I cannot explain it. But I have no need.
I know fully,
That my life is His, and am well assured,
That His way is right,
And just.
And I am certain, that I will never be the same.