A tale of Three Sisters


She was young, fresh and dynamic
So beautiful they all think she is fantastic
Mother of fertility, she bore the first fruits
And those truly revealed all God’s attributes
In her, God communed with the hominal
Such harmony that inspired all hymnal
Through centuries a name giving to daughters
For no one knew such beauty from another
But all that was lost once the fruit was eaten
So we stopped beholding the glory of Eden


Her child was taken away from her
But God promised to take him back to her
She waited for him until she finally adopt
But the orphan was a stranger and corrupt
Faithful she still believed in that old promise
He will come back and establish a province
After Days, Months, Years, even Centuries
He came back to the land of milk and honey
She saw her child returned as an old man
And finally a smile was formed on Canaan


She is young fresh and dynamic
At the same time old, wise and patient
So beautiful they all think she is fantastic
But her true reveal shall make all vacant
When men think of her, they see Eden
Still they know their beauties are not even
She is the one that the living has yet to see
But I want us to all come together and agree
That one day we shall see her with our eyes
Such joy to behold the beauty of Paradise

-Benny Kiza