Part 3: The Triumvirate

One in essence although three in person
One is neither the other nor the other one
But it is one who rules over Arthiom

Such unity is hard to captivate
For a finite mind to its finite escape
But we have to accept The Triumvirate

He rules with one will and one power
He writes the bill and is the lawyer
His power will fulfill the finest hour

The triumvirate rules with Omnipotence
Arthiom is led and protected by omniscience
And he lives among his people in his omnipresence
Those attributes brings him glory
While at work in blessing Arthiom’ sons
For in him they can drink, eat and be merry
All in giving him praises through their joyful songs

How does he rule? You may ask.

Arthiom will never be a democracy
For the blind will not lead the blind
They all rest in The Triumvirate’s supremacy
Thus in him, all powers confined

But stripped from responsibility, the people may lack!

Nor would it ever be a republic
For that would portray The Lord Of Flies
Not to be Rule of The law
But a mayhem of the public

A benevolent Theocratic Monarchical Dictatorship is the task?