Part 2: Arthiom

It once was a sign of great wonders
Display of grand technological advancement
And most of all, the proud of the forefathers
Arthiom was as the music of a movement
It took the greatest enlightenment to the ends
The name inspired people, cities, and lands
But the thirst for greatness devours some
One who desired more than given
Caused a great wall in his rebellion
Enrolled a third of the sons of that generation
And warred Arthiom in hate driven
On that day was heard, the sound of the battle drum
The one who desired more was well fought
By the great commander of the elite
On his knees, he was wrought
But the reach of that great struggle went far
Cities, countries, planets, and galaxies
Everything was affected by that greatest fall
All was wrong, all failed short of prior glory
They witnessed the beginning of the end
Things were no longer to keep their norm
So The Triumvirate decided to take things at hand
By bringing a great project into form
To bring back the glories of Arthiom
The spaceman initiative was in action

To be continued…

-Benny Kiza