O God You are a consuming fire,
and we lying in our sins, in unchanged nature are stubble.
Would it please You more to kill this sinner or save?
Do You not have no pleasure in the death of the wicked?
Woe is me, Lord, for I am undone! My whole heart is black with sin,
the whole drift of my life is utterly averse to You,
my ways are not Your ways, nor my thoughts Your thoughts.
I have not known You or glorified You as God or given thanks.
But my heart is stricken, my conscience is wounded at this:
that Your glory has not been my goal,
that rather my pleasure has been my pleasure.
And now, Lord, I am before You in my sins,
not a hair of me is righteous,
I justly deserve Your great anger without appeasement.

But You have made a sacrifice by which I can be accepted.
Please behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world,
and take away the world of iniquity within me.
Let His blood that satisfied Your wrath, set up Your justice, magnified Your law,
avail for my need,
in cleansing, forgiveness, covering, and satisfying conscience.
Nothing but Christ crucified will do, and upon Him I rest.
Nothing but Christ, He is my grounds of acceptance.
Nothing but Christ, He is my defense.
Please pass over the sin of my soul when You see the blood as You promised.