“Timeo Danaos et dona ferentes”

This phrase may not seem familiar to you
But its meaning and story surely is
It is, in fact, your story but you have no clue
As it might still be an undiagnosed disease

First, let us examine its source
It originated in antiquity, a time long gone
When mighty men walked under the sun
Brave, but ruled by force
During Europe’s real Firs Great War
(That is if we were to disregard real history)
Now it is only considered folklore
(Like anything not told scientifically)
There lived two civilizations at odds
The Greeks fought for supremacy
While the Trojans for adultery?
Let us not focus on details
Chasing rabbit trails
The point is, the Greeks won through trickery
Calculated, Malicious deceitful trickery
Since they couldn’t win by force
They gave the Trojans a poisoned present
Wrapped in the shape of a great horse
And Troy drank and was merry for the gift was pleasant
But it was only a temporary satisfaction
For by giving the enemy a foothold
They had welcomed their own destruction

“ Beware of Greeks bearing gifts”

So the phrase itself is cautionary
Of this life, you’re living wild and free
Not aware of your greatest advisory
Making your destruction guaranteed
So don’t trust your heart nor emotions
For there has been a great infiltration
The enemy is in and the horse is big
For you fight for your passions
You fight for greatness
You fight for yourself
Greed  led her choice before transgression
Lust led her choice before transgression
And the thirst for greatness she desired before taking her first bite
And that was the genesis of your losing fight