“Scratch a liberal, and you’ll find a Fascist.”
If you disagree with the Left, you’re a racist.
If you disagree with him, you can’t win,
because he won’t take the time to listen.
Any time you ask him a straight question,
he gives a speech, just repeats, or leaves stressin’,
it leaves one guessin’, ‘Is this the end of Justin?’
I’d love to hear CNN say, ‘This just in,
Trudeau resigns after bout with Freedom.’
But they’d spin it so no one agreed with them.
“Them”, the deplorable Proles, fringe minority,
threatening the existence of Liberal priority.
“They” are White Supremicists, mysogynistic,
terrorists who intend to overthrow the government.
“Canadians”, on the other hand, have stepped up,
got the vaccine, and are identified with “us.”
Those who are fighting for “so-called Freedom,”
will pay for upholding the so-called Constitution.

Why are we in the trouble that we’re in?
We can’t just blame a Marxist Justin.
The whole truth is the church’s stewardship,
but over time little men made little slips,
surrendered the truth to please antagonists,
shrunk down at their loud fear tactics.
God gave people over like Romans 1:18 through 32,
’till lawlessness is rampant, in plain view.
Its time to repent! Everyone get right with God!
Not a “god” you make up, but the only real One.
Take His Son, quickly bow and kiss Him,
He is truly in the highest position.
Quit backing down from the public arena,
Christ is Lord of science, math, and media;
keep preaching “unacceptable views”
even if it breaks the hearts of Legacy News.
Everything is His, even the government,
every politician, via the Creation Covenant.
But nature doesn’t save, you must trust in –
His name starts with a “J” and its not Justin.