What happens when man bands together
and consents to cohabit in a community
with civil rule, culture, a striving for something better?
You create a city.

The only time when that would be good
is in the event that man had not sinned
or after redemption the whole neighborhood
is transformed to be more like Him.

Him who came to man’s world metropolis,
defeated sin, death, and the world ruler,
undid man’s running for God’s office
by fulfilling His role of Redeemer.

But that transformation is not predominant
because few are a part of the chosen race,
but that’s the way its meant to be in God’s wisdom-
a hostility between seeds of the human race.

The seed of the serpent are marked like Cain
for ultimate destruction by divine intervention,
the seed of the woman are elect and born again
in union with their Founder, the Man of Heaven.

These two societies have been intermingled,
but distinguished by their respective loves,
and where their faith and hope are settled,
either in the world below or the world above.

“Those who dwell on earth,” so-called by the apostle
in the Revelation have a history of damnation,
while the people of God called out by the gospel
have a long and hallowed history of salvation.

The former forged bronze and iron, lyre and pipe,
polygamy, and cities with named representation,
filled the earth with violence till it reached its height
in Noah’s flood pointing to the final conflagration.

There in the clouds God hung up His war bow,
no longer aimed below but up at the solution,
taut and ready to fire at His own home-
God paints the gospel with a circumlocution!

At the proper time, when the roads were built
God said within, “They will respect my Son.”
The city council wanted His blood to be spilt,
then threw Him out of their city-garden.

Laughing down to hell went the bastard children,
for the Founder of creation old and new
is the first partaker of the last resurrection.
Many are called but the chosen are few.

The Cornerstone, laid in heaven, reigns supreme.
Last Adam seated to return as Second Noah.
He calls us out of Babylonian regime
and His return means man’s city’s over.

Forever the city of God will shine resplendent,
holiness they will have joined with felicity.
No earthly glory gives a life this pleasant.
It is only found in God in the midst of His city.