I remember when I crossed Synyster’s Gates
Running from the nightmare of my destructive life’s flow
Upon learning about the fallen’s eternal fate
The wicked end for those living in the shadow  

It was almost easy to forget about sin when I finally understood the afterlife
After realizing that I was a natural born killer who was buried alive
When I discovered that I was dead and lost, before receiving a second heartbeat
I was So far away from my dear God, living a fiction and loving the heat

Like Paul, I was decided to end the rapture
There was no warmness on the soul
As my heart was dead cold, the breeze entered thought its holes
A victim of myself, in this war in which I was captured

In my darkness surrounding I sought out lips of deceits
In my lusts of the eyes, I was blinded in chains, given to my defeat
My quest after wind can now be read as an epic of time wasted
I heard his calls to repentance but would turn the other way

I finally left that city of evil when I found eternal rest
The stage
is finally set right in my hail to the king
No longer seeking the danger line for in him I am blessed
If tonight the world dies, He remains my everything