Welcome spring thou flowering fairy
Sing to us thy pleasant song
Call softly here
So calling near
The warm embrace
Of earth’s pale face
And farewell of the winter long

Bestow thy soft and gentle kiss
On every flower and blushing bloom
Now silently
So all may see
The life anew
All crowned in dew
Is cleaned from all it’s former gloom

Draw now forth the emerald leaf
From every browned and bending bough
And send the breeze
Through the greening trees
And warm the soil
For seed to toil
And cloth the fields turned up by plow

Send for the birds, sweet songs to call
Cast the rays of golden sun
On every land

Stretch forth thy hand
From sea to sea
Thy spirit be
A treasure til thy time is done

Welcome Spring thou flowering fairy
Bring to us thy happiness
In merry song
To pass along
Where thou has been
As we have seen
A joy for human hearts to bless

Dear God above, our great Creator
We thank Thee when we see thy Spring
For ‘aye we raise
All laud and praise
And Thee adore
For Thy wondrous works we will ever sing