Despite our best wishes
none of us are Invictus,
“I am the master of my fate,
I am the captain of my soul.”

No. We are not Invictus.
We ought to be Calvinist.

We begin new life in default,
but then find we’re at fault.
We start writing “Free-“, space,
we start “will”, but write “grace!”

What happened?

We realized we are not Invictus,
despite our best wishes.

Despite our best intentions,
God is sovereign without question.
He is free, but not to sin,
free to use the human whim.
Free to turn hearts to Him,
that before then hated Him.
Free to choose His Son’s bride
in a way that destroys human pride.
Free to abase man and love him,
when hatred is all we deserve from Him.

No. We are not Invictus.
He is.