*(find the hidden message)*

When the man was found guilty
Alive in a coffin was he buried
What makes it much more filthy?
With his victim the coffin he shared
And the decomposed flesh mingle
With the living flesh, they become single
An ancient method of torture that can teach
The way our sin works in its outreach

Some people awaken to its reality
Ignorant are others to its piercing spears
Nonetheless, all affected to a degree
Waring this enemy all our years
Imposed by the deceiver and the flesh
Long ago before our father’s test
Lucifer rebelled against his Majesty
Kicking off the source of all mortality
Innocent at first but guilty was the verdict
Leaving the Garden radically imperfect
Left spiritually dead in sin and its effect

Say that The Bible exaggerates sin
Say that God has too high a view of sin
When a man of good repute is presented
To the man all praises fully granted
As his great works are much exposed
And a bright future composed
The same man walks into his chamber
And hastily removes his clothing
Actions which are evil, cold and somber
Will then reveal his heart’s deepest longing
His sin that dwells within
May be kept away from all eyes
But this doe does not change its eternal price
Say that The Bible exaggerates sin
Say that God has too high a view of sin
And you my friend hide behind religion
Self-righteousness to atone this perversion
Toiling under the sun, running after the wind
Not knowing that you are truly blind

Realize that in your sins you are dead
Exchange your pride for a grieving heart
Perceive your state with sorrow and dread
Elect to walk away from all evil act
Negotiate terms of surrender with the Lord
Trade your will for his free reward
But know that no action can suffice
Estranged from God, your virtue is vice
Leaving Him only able to save you
Introducing himself to court in your place
Earning your punishment long due
Validating for you God’s gift of Grace
Ending sin’s wrinkles from your face

Benny Kiza


The size of sin is as small as a grain of sand / but separates between Wide Ocean and dry land / It’s bigger than bad habits / it’s a matter of man seeking for God’s spot following in same pattern as Adam–Beautiful Eulogy