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Disapproved, debased mind; dishonorable, defiling passions. These things biblically define what's inside gays n' lesbians. God offers undeniable proof of His immortal existence, but they suppress, exchange the truth and exchange natural relations. Though intuitively

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The song of the orphan

Ireland~800 AD The rich, melodious voices rose up together in unison. The high vaulted stone walls echoed and rebounded the graceful song. In the church, hundreds of candles lighted the vaulted chamber giving it a holy, almost ethereal beauty. One by one, the hooded monks walked slowly into the chapel, their chant filling the air.

The Traitor’s Freedom

Julius stood at the edge of the river. As he looked across the water’s edge, he could see the golden rays of the sun slowly sinking behind the clouds. The last sunset, he thought. And such a sunset! 

Fearful and Wonderful

Psalm 139 from the 13th to 16th verse focus on God's majesty from conception to birth; in the marriage covenant which requires two partners, the man and women consummate resulting in the process

Why? Must? Should?

In the days of the legislation of men working according to the will of the people, God's people must endeavour to understand whether their desires are godly or fleshly. Asking a few simple questions with a desire to know the answer will aid the Christian in their discernment... If their goal is to be pleasing to the Lord.