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This is the 8th entry of a 10 parts fantasy series. Emerald: “My love, isn’t this a sentence into loneliness?” Rehema: “What else can we give her, my dear? Akaant has spoken and the signs are clear” Emerald: “As parents, why curse when we should bless?” Rehema: “The gods have spoken! ...Rest.”

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(Written on a mangy piece of paper that on the flipside contained this alliteration, "The Preeminent Prince of Peace powerfully pursues His people providentially producing proper positional predestined pleasantness." Circa 2013) Lay down the ancient foundation, Jesus Christ the Elect. That precious Stone. Behold His glory! Rejected by the builders, laid bare, scorned, crushed. They

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Black Gold

The smell of black gold and open air is a thing in common with over there. I have here a gem for heaven I'll bring into that city fair! In streets of clear gold, I'll have black, brought from here without looking back. All enjoyed to the glory of God- what I'd enjoy is gold

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