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The Christmas Contrast

The Christmas ContrastThe story of Christmas is one of stark contrast. In both the event of the Incarnation and the history of the holiday to commemorate it, very different things are brought into close proximity.

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Life Poem

To live as though I have no wife; to hate this world and earthly life. Kill the body! Can't kill the soul!


What did a get from ready Quora's "“What is that one picture that describes the lowest point in your life?”


Elbereth,the Evening Star, the Star Queen, spoken of in legends for hundreds of years. And yet still a creation of the Lord Almighty.


The joy of delighting in God while the Spirit illumines Scripture:

Ermea: Home

This is the 8th entry of a 10 parts fantasy series. Emerald: “My love, isn’t this a sentence into loneliness?” Rehema: “What else can we give her, my dear? Akaant has spoken and the signs are clear” Emerald: “As parents, why curse when we should bless?” Rehema: “The gods have spoken! ...Rest.”

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